About CDS Connect

Questions pop up all of the time, and lucky you - by being a Conect member, you're automatically connected to all other AM.Net users and CDS staff.

But how can you take advantage of that network?

That's why the CDS has launched its very own social media platform. CDS Connect does just what its name describes: connects you to your CDS / AM.Net peers, to intereract with, learn from, and get the help and resources you need to tackle your stickiest AM.Net questions, no matter what time of day it is or where you're located.

CDS Connect is easy to use - no new passwords to remember! Simply log in to https://connect.cds-am.net . You can start a new conversation with the click of the "Post a New Discussion" button, and you'll be able to reply to posts via email.

Want to continue a conversation with a colleage or peer you met at a CDS Conference? CDSConnect also works as an interactive member directory, allowing you to send a personal message to another member and build a deeper relationship and network.

Get connected today.

How to Connect

  1. Log into CDS Connect at http://connect.cds-am.net/ using your current CDS Connect username and password.
  2. Update your profile and photo by clicking My Profile.
  3. View groups you're in by clicking My Groups.
  4. Join Groups by clicking Find Groups to Join.
  5. Start a discussion by clicking Post New Discussion from the Discussions tab of any group.
  6. Reply to a discussion by clicking Reply… from within the discussion online OR by replying to a discussion email notification.